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I'd like to answer anything that comes to your mind   Astrophysicist with a music addiction. Jazz cats all singing scat.

A truly serious issue. Say what you want, but this analogy is totally justified and correct.

A truly serious issue. Say what you want, but this analogy is totally justified and correct.

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when friends make plans in front of you but don’t invite youimage

when accidently making plans in front of friends you don’t want to invite and they invite themselves


when someone hits your pokemon and its super effective


when Nuzlocking X&Y blind you find out that Dragon has no effect on Fairy image

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Hello everyone! Doing a shiny give away here! I decided that now was a good time to try do a giveaway since the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire hype is still circulating! All these shinies are either random encounters, requested shinies, or old shinies I used competitively before. All are Kalos bred/caught. Since I restarted my game and kept these in the Bank, I can’t nickname any of them except Haunter.

•Must be following pkjoe
•Reblog and/or like this post
•must have a copy of X or Y
•must be willing to give me your FC

• Scizor: lvl 1, Adamant, 5IV’s, with the ability Technician
• Pinsir; lvl 1, Adamant, 5IV’s, with the ability Mold Breaker
• Starmie: lvl 100, Timid, 6IV’s, with the ability Natural Cure

• Aegislash: lvl 100, Brave, 4IV’s, with the ability Stance Change
• Gardevoir: lvl 100, Modest, 3IV’s, with the ability Synchronize
• Mawile(yes another one): lvl 100, Adamant, 4IV’s, with the ability Intimidate

• Haunter(will provide Everstone at request): lvl 38, Lonely, with the ability Levitate
• Ferroseed: lvl 1, Serious, 4IV’s, with the ability Iron Barbs
• Durant: lvl 37, Quiet, with the ability Swarm

Additionally, to celebrate the reveal of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, each winner will receive a Shiny 5IV Hoenn starter of their choice! The winners will be chosen through an online random number generator so it’ll be kept pretty random. The giveaway will end on May 23, 2014! I will contact each winner individually on May 24. Good luck everyone!

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Haha, wow!

If you ever wanted to see a more sour thread full of insults and anger aimed at two people having fun, then look no further than the Dark Souls 2: Part 2 discussion thread on /r/GameGrumps

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Awesome cover by the handsome Daniel Sexbang (Avidan). Mixed by Credaxi.

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Damn that blue hedgehog Kyogre!

Damn that blue hedgehog Kyogre!

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I like it when your ex decides to cause an awkward scene in a Starbucks to prove that she is over you. It just went downhill with her trying to justify stalking me for the first 2 months after the breakup and appearing in places I posted on my instagram (which I blocked as soon as I found out)


And people ask why I’m taking a break from dating. This is why, because the emotional and psychological clustercuss of that 2 year relationship has made me paranoid of relationships. Maybe after I leave this place I might return to the dating scene

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